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International interdisciplinary symposium SURVIVING THE ANTHROPOCENE. Towards elemental literacy and inter-disciplinary partnerships to be held online, May 24–26, 2021.
This interdisciplinary symposium is intended to bring together innovative g/local expertise in philosophy and pedagogy, ecofeminism, policy, theology, biosocial cultural studies and theories and practices of embodied critical thinking, to configure equitable and realistic ways for life on earth to survive the Anthropocene. Our focus is shared with the natural environment, understood as a sentient partner with inherent values beyond purely commodification and economic frameworks. In recognising the natural environment as an agent in its own becoming, the symposium aims to ‘breathe with nature’, as a companion. We further aim to better understand and work towards resolving the perceived clash between nature, culture, ethics and policy, through new conceptual thinking and engagement that champions an elemental philosophy of connectivity and respect. Developing ‘elemental literacy’ to transpose current understandings of what/how nature is, how it is acted upon, and how it acts upon, constitutes a primary focus for this symposium that seeks to imagine and dynamically participate in: new, complex and adaptive possibilities, environmental management provocations and reforms, and philosophical analyses of restorative ecological justice pathways, both conceptually and practically.
This interdisciplinary symposium is co-organized by:
  • Institute for Philosophical Studies, Science and Research Centre Koper, Slovenia
  • Department of Philosophy, University of Iceland, Iceland
  • University of Innsbruck, Institute for Educational Sciences, Austria
  • Alma Mater Europaea ECM, Slovenia
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